Thursday, 7 August 2014

That's a lot of blood

Who knew that the scalp bled so much!

Added to our growing list of ailments for the summer is a split head.

The most frightening thing I've experienced with the girls so far......even scarier than the T1D diagnosis was this past weekend.

I was sitting on the patio with my husband, we were taking a break from putting in fence posts for our new fence. When Rylie came out and asked if she could have a piece of gum.  Amy then ducked her head out and asked if she could have one.  Sure.  Go ahead.

Next things happened pretty quick.  In true horror movie fashion, the door swings open, Amy has her hands cupped in front of her, with a pool of blood, blood streaming down her face, and a very scared "someone help me".

Instincts kicked in and we both jumped to the door, grabbing a cloth and applying pressure.  Rylie took off running because she thought she was in trouble.  The bleeding slowed, I got the trail of blood from the kitchen to the patio cleaned up and we finally determined what had happened.

Rylie was on the counter, and as Amy was jumping up to get the gum, Rylie opened the cupboard door and it the corner caught Amy right in the noggin.

It was a very small cut.  We debated the ER department but husband was satisfied that bleeding had stopped and she hadn't knocked herself unconscious.

I got them settled down to watch a movie, then went back out to help with the fence for an hour before lunch.

It lunchtime I noticed that the cut was starting to wet again as Amy moved around or cried.  I made the decision to take her to the ER.

It took us a grand total of 15 minutes, in and out!  They were excellent.

They used surgical glue and glued the cut.  Amy was happy, I was satisfied and everything was fine.  Blood sugars were even co-operating.

Moral of the story....heads bleed a lot, and gum is now kept on the low cupboard.

P.S.  Amy also had another baby tooth pulled this week because it wouldn't let go.  I told you that poor child has been through a lot this past month!

Monday, 21 July 2014

Summer Day Camp

Today was the first day that both girls went to Summer Day Camp.  Although schools been out for several weeks now, we are only just starting a new routine.  First we took a short trip to Dartmouth for Canada Day, then Amy had strept throat, then both girls had the chicken pox.

As I was getting everything gathered up, my husband made an off-hand comment about when I dropped them off. I was completely caught off guard and not prepared to do the dropping off.   You see, I work about a 5 minute drive from our house.  Husband works about 15 minutes from house.  I know, we don't have long distances to go.....but the summer day camp is just down the road from him.  I didn't want to drive all the way up on base, then have to come all the way back down.  I ended up quickly throwing my things together and taking them, because he wanted me to be the one to talk to the camp girls.  In the end, not a big deal.

I had already talked to the organizer and gave some information about managing Amy's diabetes a few weeks before the camp started, but hadn't talked to the young girl in charge.  I told her if she needed anything to just call me.

Lunchtime the phone rang. She told me that Amy's site was falling off.  I remembered that last night before bath her IV 3000 dressing was coming after returning from the beach, so we removed it and planned to put on another.  Guess we didn't put on the other one.  I sent Corey up to change it after his lunch.

At 3pm I get another call, her sugar is 18 and it won't give a correction because of the amount of insulin already on board.  I asked her to put Amy on the phone and had her put on a temp basal.  I also gave her some reasons why her sugar may be high.....including taking it off for a water fight.

In all, the day was good, my only concern now is that Wednesday is a scheduled beach day....all day!