Friday, 13 March 2015

It only took three years

We just returned from the city for Amy's diabetes clinic appointment.

Every 3-4 months we fly to the Province's capitol city where the Janeway Children's Hospital is located.  Thankfully we have insurance and all but a vehicle is paid for.

Because of all the snow this year, and the municipal strike, there was a lot of missed school days, so we waited until after school on Monday before flying out.  Tuesday, we got up, had a nice breakfast, did some shopping, then headed on over to the hospital.

The appointment was very quick this time.  Height, weight, blood pressure.  She grew an inch, gained 2 lbs and blood pressure was fine.  We saw the school liaison nurse first. No issues with Amy's school, so that was quick.  Next we saw the dietician.  Amy was very talkative this time.  Basically no problems with diet, however I did have a few questions.  Amy is much hungrier at bedtime now, and I wanted them to have a record that she is eating more then.  We decided to add another carbohydrate at bedtime.  Then both the endocrinologist and the Diabetes educator came in at the same time.  They had printed her pump reports.  They took the sample for the A1C test.  Everything looks good....keep up the good work! 

Then we were on our way.

We went to Menchies for some cake batter ice cream, did some more shopping (including Target which is liquidating the store as they are pulling out of Canada), visited some friends, then packed up all our goods to head home the next morning.

Yesterday I received an email from our CDE.  Excellent news, A1C is 7.4%.

Mouth drop.

I knew her sugars had been good lately.  We still have issues with lows between 2-4pm and she still has a breakfast spike around 8am.  But I was shocked because her A1C in November was 8.4%.

The target for kids ages 6-12 in Canada is </= 7.5%.

After three years.....we finally reached target.

I know this is only an average and doesn't reflect everyday, or the highs and lows, or what is going on in life.  I know that hormones will soon come into play (9yo in April...EKK!), and I know that it can go up as easily as it went down this time.  I also know that it is by no means a report card......but man it feels good!

It feels like Amy's body has finally said....

Great work guys.... 

You can do this!

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Third Diaversary

Sunday, February 8 marked three years since Amy was diagnosed. 
You can read about her diagnosis story here.

I can't believe it's been three years.  I also can't believe it's been three months since I've blogged.
I think I am more comfortable in our journey that I don't feel the constant need to feel connected to others dealing with diabetes.  There was a time that every evening I was somewhere within the DOC reading about my online friend's lives and how they struggle and most importantly how they deal with diabetes.  I check in every so often, see what everyone is up to, but I really haven't had anything to say lately.

Here is an update:

In November Amy participated in the JDRF Kids for a Cure Awareness day on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada.  It was an amazing, inspiring experience.  Our MP was very interested in what we had to say about Amy's life living with diabetes.  We left her with a scrapbook we made, and information on JDRFs request for addition funds to expand research within Canada.

Amy in front of the Parliament Building
Amy and  Member of Parliament for Labrador, Ms Yvonne Jones

Half of the delegates, with the Prime Minster of Canada, Stephen Harper (Amy is second row, third in)


In November we also flew to St. John's for her diabetes appointment.  She had bloodwork again for her thyroid.  We don't get A1C results back until we are back home, and disappointingly they did not change.  They were still the same as they were the time before in June.  I'm hoping we have made some improvements this time around.

December saw Christmas come.  We had a nice relaxing break this year.  I took Christmas off so was home with the girls all break.....first time ever!  Amy's sugars ran high for most of the holidays.  Not because she ate too many treats, but mostly because it was so cold that we couldn't get outside to do anything! 

In January our town municipal workers were locked out.  All the snow we had, paired with the cold temperatures, my girls have only been to school about half the number of days they should have.  The school buses have stopped running, grade K and 1 are alternating going to school with grade 2 and 3, so that there isn't too much confusion with all parents having to drop off and pick up their kids.

I'm happy to say that mid February the workers have reached an agreement, but they are still working on cleaning up our roads in one of the snowiest winters we have had in about 20 years.....and we haven't even hit our snowy month yet! February 8 was the third Diaversary.  We celebrated with cake and presents.

In other news, Amy also started using the CGM with her Medtronic pump again.  I'm happy to say that whatever modifications that Medtronic did to their Enlite sensors this fall worked....we have not had ANY of the issues that we had, that led us to stop the CGM for 6 months.  I'm hoping this will give us the boost to get that A1C down into a better range.

Anyone have any ideas for decreasing a breakfast spike, other than pre-bolusing?

What's on the horizon for the spring?  Well, hopefully school gets back to normal soon; March we fly to St. John's again for the Endo visit; April we are going on our very first Disney Cruise; May is the Spring concert and Ballet recital.  Then we are heading into summer!  Let's just hope all that snow is melted by then!